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Chapter 7: Fuselage Exterior

This chapter handles the contouring and shaping of the outside of the fuselage as well as the glassing of the outside of the fuselage.  This is where the fuselage becomes stiff enough that you can take the first seat in it.

Date Started: 5/16/2013

Date Completed: 7/20/13

Total Hours to complete: 91.5

Attached urethane foam and shaped for NACA air duct to engine:


Shaping edges of bottom and side:


Nearly completed shaping of bottom and side and the current state of the project (5/25/2013):


Completed Glassing of Fuselage sides.  This required 2 people for about 3.5 hours.


Chapter 7 is now complete!

  1. Scott Hargrove permalink

    So you will be flying into CB in like 2 weeks?

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