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Chapter 5: Fuselage Sides

The fuselage sides had many steps required in building them.  These sides mount up to the bulkheads as shown in the next chapter.

Date Started: 8/15/2012

Date Completed: 10/30/2012

Total Hours to complete: 72.5


These fixtures had to be built before the sides could be constructed.  They are used as a form for the sides of the fuselage.



The longerons were expoxied together using the jigs shown above.  It’s a good idea to have plenty of clamps available here!


Once the epoxy cured, the doublers were added to the longerons for added stiffness and support:


Completed longerons, sanded and ready to be installed in the sides:


Foam Sides

The sides were tacked into the jigs using 5 minute epoxy as shown below.  The white foam was then cut and contoured to give the sides a hollowed out look.


Here, the sides have the large inside layups completed and the longerons attached.  That took me and my father 5 hours.


Now the upper longerons have been glassed over and the lower triangular longerons have been floxed into position.


Rear Buildup areas for added support in rear of plane.


This shows the foam and formed glass used in the buildup area above:


Rear of fuselage sides completed:


Trimming of the front of the fuselage sides:


Trimming of rear of fuselage sides:


Yay, chapter 5 completed!  Now for the assembly…

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