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Chapter 10: Canard

This chapter contains the steps of building the canard.  The detail is in the manual, but I’ve added some descriptions here.  I ordered the canard foams from Feather Lite and I was very pleased with working with them.

Date Started:9/4/13

Date Completed: 8/17/13

Total Hours to complete: 93.5

This step is where the three pieces were aligned and bonded together.  A lot of care was taken to make sure that the foams were well aligned prior to joining the blocks together.DSCN0014

Once the foams were bonded, the metal mounting tab supports could be placed into the foam and then the shear web layup could be completed.


I tried several methods for lining up the support jigs for the canard and found that I like using a good tight string the best.  I spent many hours getting the canard aligned.DSCN0030

The canard was placed in the jigs and the mounting points secured to the shear web.


At this point the canard was mounted into the jigs and the leading edge was attached.


This is the first spar cap layup.


The bottom plies were layed up first.  It was fun to see the nice pleasing shape of the bottom half of the airfoil.


This is the step before and after the top side layup.  Note the antenna has been placed as well as the stiff foam points for the elevator hinge mount points.



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