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This is a website dedicated to the building of my first homebuilt airplane.

Plans #1662

The Cozy Mark IV

The following is taken from the introduction in the owner’s manual.

The Cozy Mark IV is a compact, efficient, high-performance, high utility 4-place airplane.  It can accommodate a larger than average couple in the front, and an average size couple in the rear.  It features full dual controls and an expansive instrument panel.  While recommended for day-VFR operation, competent pilots can also equip it for night and IFR flying.  The recommended power plant is the 180 hp O-360 Lycoming, although the 160 hp O-320 and the 170 hp O-340 engines would also be suitable.

Other good information…

Wing Span: 28.1 ft.

Length: 17 ft.

Cockpit Width: 42 in.

Cockpit Height: 38 in.

Fast Cruise: 218 mph at 75% with a fuel burn rate of 11 gph and allows for a 925 mi. range with a 30 min. reserve.

Economy Cruise: 170 mph with a fuel burn rate of 5.8 gph and a total range of 1350 mi. with a 1 hr. reserve.

Normal Empty Weight: 1050 lbs

Max Gross Takeoff Weight: 2050 lbs

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